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Luxury home: The most essential features you need

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What’s in a luxury home? A bevy of features you won’t find in other types of real estate, of course! Some luxury properties still keep to the basics (using high-end materials), while others stretch the imagination with their opulence and magnificence.

Today, we’re covering the most essential features you need in your luxury home. Buckle up for a luxurious ride.

  1. Smart home features

    Top on our list are home tech that makes living easier and more convenient. These gadgets range from home automation systems that let you adjust the lighting and temperature, to handy home assistants like Google Home and Alexa.

    Some smart home features also up the level of a luxury home’s eco-friendliness. Green technology, such as solar panels, are not only trendy? they are functional, helping you save money and resources at the same.

  2. An entertainment center (or two)

    A home theater is probably one of the most essential features a luxury home can have. It eliminates the need to go out and drive to the nearest movie theater. Best of all, you don’t need to heed screening times and wait out long lines. Some of the most luxurious home theaters feature plush, reclining seats, mood lighting, and some top-of-the-line audio-visual technology.

    Another entertainment area that’s a staple in luxury homes are recreation rooms. It can be in the form of a game room or even your very own club for when you want to host parties and entertain friends and family. You can let your imagination run wild and add a variety of features to your entertainment center, from vintage arcade games to the latest VR tech.

  3. A wine cellar

    Expensive wine from a reputable winery deserves to be housed in a controlled environment. And for avid oenophiles, the best place to keep their collection on display is in a custom wine cellar.

    Ambient lighting, high-quality materials, and motorized racks make a wine cellar even more attractive. Some go above and beyond to create tasting rooms out of their wine cellars. After all, great wine is best enjoyed by drinking and not by looking at the bottle.

    Get inspired by these design pegs for your wine cellar. These ideas range from European rustic to modern and contemporary.

  4. Indoor-outdoor living

    As more people are enticed to explore the great outdoors, more and more architects from all over the world are adding design elements that incorporate seamless indoor-outdoor living to the home.

    These can be anything, from Zen courtyards to open spaces and indoor gardens. Huge windows and sliding doors that let the light in also help bring the outdoors inside the home. Of course, outdoor living spaces are essential to achieve this lifestyle.

    These homes were certainly designed with indoor-outdoor living in mind.

  5. Home gym and spa

    Luxury homes aren’t only about entertainment and recreation. Most properties want to embody the best of comfort and relaxation. That’s why it’s an absolute must to have a home gym and spa, where you can spend some time to take care of yourself.

    Home gyms in luxury homes often feature state-of-the-art equipment, sometimes personalized to the user’s workout needs. That said, the basics in cardio and weight training are constant elements. Meanwhile, home spas can be ultra-Zen hideaways or luxurious retreats where you can wind down. Jacuzzis, steam rooms, multi-jet systems, and even an in-house masseuse complete the experience.

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